Hi i’m Tham,

And thank you for visiting my website. Here I hope to share my content and experience in what I do.

What do I do you ask? Well that’s a tough question for sure! I do just about a little bit of everything. I have been a musician my entire life getting my first guitar at age 6.

I have been making digital art and content for over 15 years including 3d modeling and other formats.

I enjoy motorcycles and like to make Moto Vlogs.

I have had a very interesting life to say the least. I am taking all the knowledge I have learned in my life and wishing to share it with others.

If you like you may help support this page and its growth through donation , or a purchase of any of the products seen within.

If you a business and are in need of a Graphical Artist And Social Media Management Expert.

Please feel free to write to: Thamsworld.com@gmail.com

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