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Thamsworld creates content that involves 3D modeling, video editing, music production, and all kinds of digital artwork. We’re hoping to get a far newer machine, whether we get an entire pre-built machine, or get separate parts and put them together.


Intel Core i9-10850K (5.2 GHz Turbo) (20-Thread) (10-Core) 3.6 GHz


ASUS Prime Z490-P / MSI Z490-A Pro (Intel Z490 Chipset) (Up to 2x PCI-E Devices) (No SLI Support)

System Memory:

32GB DDR4 3200MHz Digital Storm Performance Series

Power Supply:

600W Digital Storm Performance Series (Supports up to an NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti GPU)

Operating System/Applications Drive:

1x SSD M.2 (500GB Digital Storm M.2 Performance Series)

Video and Digital Art “Scratch Disk” Media Cache Drive:

1x SSD M.2 (500GB Digital Storm M.2 Performance Series)

Storage Drive:

1x Storage (2TB Seagate / Toshiba / Hitachi)

Internet/Network Connectivity:

High Speed Network Port (Supports High-Speed Cable / DSL / Network Connections)

Graphics Card:

1x PNY Quadro P2200 5GB (Outputs: 4 x DisplayPort 1.4)

Integrated Sound

Extreme Cooling:

H20: Stage 2: Digital Storm Vortex Liquid CPU Cooler (Dual Fan) (Fully Sealed + No Maintenance)

Operating System:

Windows 10 Pro with USB Recovery Drive